George Clooney and Sandra Bullock could be lost in space in “Gravity.” 

Their ship is getting slammed by space junk. 

Sandra Bullock is Dr. Ryan Stone detached and spinning out of control on her first space mission.

George Clooney is her counterpart – a veteran astronaut with a zest for life and his job.

George is blown away by the look and feel of the film.  

GEORGE CLOONEY: “There’s technology in this and cinematology in this that will change the game forever you know it’s that good.”

You won’t feel any sense of gravity in “Gravity” it’s totally weightless. 

GEORGE CLOONEY: “This required some discipline because you had to pre-set these shots – not because it’s 3D but because of all the elements that were in place.”

GEORGE CLOONEY: “So you have to make it look very natural, even though it was something that was planned six months earlier.”

Sandra clued Deco in to her technique.

SANDRA BULLOCK: “There’s a twelve wire system which literally allows you to fly, but your hands and feet to be moving so everything I was doing was like that and I knew I had to go at that speed while I could speak the normal speed. and then you had to know where your legs were at all times.”

SANDRA BULLOCK: “So you just get used to your body doing weird things and reacting in an unnatural way.”

SANDRA BULLOCK: “I keep describing it as Cirque du Soleil. It was like choreographing a dance routine and just letting it become second nature in your body.”

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