He is a contractor. They are a credit card company, but if you Google the credit card company, their phone number comes up under the contractors company and guess how many angry callers a credit card company gets each day. You don’t have to guess. One man let Howard with Patrick Fraser know.

When you are buying a home, they say the key is location location location. When you are running a business, one key is great name recognition.

Ronald Saifman: "Capital Industries Associates Incorporated."

Ronald has owned the roofing and air conditioning company since the ’90s.

Ronald Saifman: "I was the owner. In 1997, I gave the company to my son. I’m still vice president, but he is the president."

And lately Ronald has been something else for Capital Industries.

Ronald Saifman: "I’ve been a receptionist now for three weeks for Capital One, the bank."

Capital Industries phones have been ringing with calls for Capital One bank.

Ronald Saifman: "30 to 40 calls a day for Capital One and its started to ruin the business."

People who use Google type in the name ‘Capital One’ and this is what pops up…

Ronald Saifman: "It comes up Capital One, but with my address and my phone number." 

And Capital One customers with a bank or credit card complaint end up calling Capital Industries or rather their owner/ receptionist Ronald.

Ronald Saifman: "If I say we are Capital Industries, well they are upset. They know they called Capital One, they want to know why they didn’t get Capital One and some of them even threaten you."

Ronald contacted Google to correct the mistake. Their solution?

Ronald Saifman: "And they told me they could fix it if I changed my company name or change my key words and they want $299 to fix it."

Ronald has built up the name Capital Industries and won’t change that, but he said he would pay the $299 to fix the problem… ’till he was told there was no guarantee that would work. And before he finished his sentence, the phone rang again.

Ronald Saifman: "I’m sorry, we are not Capital One, this is Capital Industries Associates… Hello? He hung up."

Well Howard, Ronald has a roofing and air conditioning company that’s being disrupted because of a Google error. Can he do anything?

Howard Finkelstein: "Legally, you may not be able to force Google to correct the mistake, meaning it’s the perfect time to become the squeaky wheel and work your way up the Google corporate ladder and get the attention of the person who can help you. And if that fails, call us."

We contacted Google’s corporate headquarters.

They told us they could not discuss the Capital Industries problem, but they would investigate. It took awhile, but the problem was corrected.

They also told us they had no idea who told Ronald it would cost $299 to fix the problem because Google does not charge to correct a mistake.

Ronald Saifman: "Thank you very much to Help Me Howard."

Ronald now knows when his phone rings, it’s a Capital Industries customer and not a credit card complaint.

Ronald Saifman: "Help Me Howard was fabulous. They stayed on it until it was taken care of and now I get no further calls from people who were looking for Capital One."

Patrick Fraser: "Fortunately Google fixed the mistake, but Howard said on the Internet, legally you may not be able to force search engine to correct something. That’s because the Internet is still like the wild, wild west. The law, hasn’t caught up yet. That’s why the old squeaky wheel is often your best solution. Or those Help Me Howard guys.

Dialed up a problem you want to hang up on? Searching for some help? Google us. You can bank on us having lots of interest in help. The no cost interest. With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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