Good Heath Apps

WSVN — If you want to quit smoking, "Kickit" can help you kick the habit for good. This app is like your own personal coach giving you incentives and encouragement along the way. Just input your quit date and Kickit.

It will tell you how many days you've been clean and keeps track of how much you're saving on cigarettes.

While you're kicking it you might want to get in shape and our next app is a must-have. "Pedometer Free" tracks your workout, it counts the steps you take and the calories you burn.

It will also track your progress, just enter in your current weight and measurements then update those every week and pedometer will provide a detailed log of the changes in your body. It was voted best and most useful free pedometer in the app store.

And ladies, while you're getting in shape don't forget your all-important monthly breast examines. "Your Man Reminder" makes those checks fun and easy. Your favorite guy will walk you through your self-exam, teaching you how to check for signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

It keeps track of changes and doctor's appointments, and set the date for your monthly examine. Your man will always be there to remind you.



Pedometer Free

Your Man Reminder