WSVN — Who wouldn't want a doctor on call all the time. Our first app is the next best thing. "Web M.D." gives you mobile access to all the latest health information 24-7.

Check symptoms, learn all about medcations and first aid information. Find the closest hospital, doctor or pharmacy save information to give "Web M.D." that personal touch.

People on the go find it hard to eat healthy, but "Restaurant Nutrition" helps you make smart choices with fast food. This app features regular menu items on more than 250 restaurants. All dishes are broken down by calories, protein, fat, carbs and fiber content.

A daily journal helps track what you eat and totals daily calories so you're always in the know when you're on the go.

And finally, an app to de-stress. "Relaxing Sounds of Nature" lets you unwind to the sweet sounds of mother nature whether it's a forest in England or an Australian beach. This app helps you feel calm and peaceful. Mix tracks with the soundboard, set a timer to lull you to sleep or wake you up. 70 authentic nature sounds and a variety of soothing music Wash the day's worries away.

Craig Stevens: "Relaxing Sounds of Nature" costs 99-cents. "Web M.D. and "Restaurant Nutrition" are free."





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