WSVN — It was early in the morning in August 2006, Gloria Hall was driving to meet friends to go to a church retreat.

Jack Freire: "She was an amazing person. She was a great mother, a great sister, a great daughter and great friend."

Unfortunately for Gloria also driving that morning was Leydis Abdala accused of drinking and driving.

Williams: "Ms. Abdala failed to stop at the red light, colliding, T-Boning Ms. Hall within an intersection."

Barbaro Rojas: "When I got there I couldn't really tell what type of truck it was and I'm around cars quite a bit."

Gloria on her way to a church retreat and was killed instantly. Leydis who told police she was on her way to a bar for more drinks was barely injured. Then Barbaro Rojas had to go tell Gloria's family that she was dead.

Barbaro Rojas: "I remember driving up to Jack's house and seeing the marked unit there, and I said to myself, oh jeez, a police officer's family member."

Gloria's brother is Jack Freire, a City of Miami police officer.

Jack Freire: "I was in total disbelief because I couldn't believe it."

Incredibly Jack had driven by the accident on the way home from work, never realizing the crumbled truck was the one he had loaned to his sister.

Jack Freire: "I pretty much just glanced over. I didn't think much of it, never in the world would I think that it would be my sister that was involved."

Gloria was gone leaving behind two young children. Police had to wait for a toxicology report to prove Abdala was drunk before they could arrest her, but that didn't stop them from talking to Leydis Abdala and being amazed at how she felt about Gloria Hall being killed.

Jack Freire: "She didn't seem too remorseful. She really didn't care."

Finally, detectives got the lab results that showed Abdala was drunk twice the legal limit, but when they went to her house to arrest her she had disappeared. Police traced her to Mexico.

Barbaro Rojas: "My belief is that she may have gone to Mexico to get back to Cuba. That would be her best place."

Abdala had come to Hialeah from Cuba a year before she was accused of killed Gloria. She was living with her family here in Hialeah. They still live here, but they tell police they have no idea where she is. Gloria's family has no doubt they are not telling the truth.

Jack Freire: "I'm pretty much 100 percent the family and I believe some friends and other relatives know where she's at, but of course they're not talking and that's I guess the most frustrating thing."

Frustrating for Jack and for the detectives who say they know the killer of a wonderful mother, but cant slap her with the handcuffs they think she deserves.

Robert Williams: "It's hard to sit back and just wait. We have BOLOS posted of her everywhere on the computer screen. I carry a thumb drive with a BOLO of her. It's tough for us, we've hardly lost any cases like this."

They wait, Gloria's mother sits and waits.

Nilda Avalos: "Always Gloria is in my heart. She left but every day she's still here with me in my heart."

Jack goes to work every day to get criminals off the street thinking about an accused criminal that has not been arrested.

Jack Freire: "I've arrested people for homicides to robberies and everything and brought them, you know to justice, and the only one, one person I want to bring to justice is this person that I can't."

Leydis Abdala is probably alive and well, enjoying life. After coming to America and allegedly taking a life. Now you can help someone knows where she is and Hialeah police would appreciate a call, and if you've lost a loved one, if you want help in finding a killer give us a call, many people are still Out for Justice.


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