WSVN — If your daughter is great with a guitar or awesome on drums, there’s a new summer camp coming to town that will have them rocking out. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent to Parent.

When you think about famous female rockers Pat Benatar or Joan Jett may come to mind, but what about our future female rock stars, are they fading away? Not according to Stephanie Taylor and Emile Milgrim. These two Miami natives are rocking it out on the music scene.

Stephanie Taylor, Co-Founder, Miami Girls Rock Camp: “My band The State Of is an all female duo.”

Emile Milgrim owns her own record label and plays drums. The pair wanted to bring their musical talents to girls in South Florida.

Stephanie Taylor: “We want to show our local girls that there’s an amazing community of women musicians.”

Now she and other women will teach girls eight to 17 how to play drums, guitar, and they keyboard.

Eleven-year-old Amelie comes from a musical family. She has a beautiful voice, but was too shy to perform in public.

Fernando Subirats, Amelie’s dad: “I’m like oh my goodness who is this person, like I’m discovering my own child for the first time.”

Now, Miami girls can learn at their own skill level and be part of a band in the camp.

Emile Milgrim: “They write a song together, and at the end of the week at a local music venue they’re going to perform the song.”

Amelie: “Sure, I would like to be part of an all female band.”

That’s the hope, to show girls they can rock and it is possible to live their dream.

Emile Milgrim: “So, it’s not a matter of that’s a female drummer, that’s a female guitarist. It should just be that’s a guitarist.”

The camp runs for one week in July, and financial help is being offered to those who need it.



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