WSVN — Kids should have fun on their summer break but they can have fun keeping their geography skills sharp."Stack the States" teaches all about the 50 states. From capitols to state nicknames and locations on the map.Flash cards help kids learn the answers to hundreds of questions. Answer correctly and win a state collect all 50 states to win a game and get smart.And speaking of smart, "brain Pop" features a different animated movie every day. The movies cover more than 750 lessons in English, social studies, sience, math and more. Watch a movie then test your new knowledge with an interactive quiz. Brain pop makes learning fun.And finally, an app for young astronomy lovers. "8 Planets" features games that teach kids about our solar system.Learn each planet's name, how to identify it and its order from the sun. Earn ribbons for right answers but be careful not to get sucked into a black hole. Play the matching game and go to the head of the class when school starts again in the fall. Craig Stevens: "All of today's apps are free, but there are upgraded versions available for just a few dollars."FOR MORE INFORMATION:Stack the States Featured Movie Planets

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