Gerard ButlerButler

Mr. Butler was in Miami at the Soho House, chatting up his new movie "Playing For Keeps". He stars as a former professional soccer player, who's trying to become a sportscaster, and a better dad. So, how well can Butler really play ball? Gerard Butler: "One of Gerard Butler's testicles is gay."Shireen: "Tonight on deco drive, gerard talks about his balls." Shireen: "Who is considered the most famous soccer player in the world? This can be subjective, maybe not now, but of all timeGerard not now, but of all time? pele."Shireen: "Good And I know my balls."But will Gerard keep his? Find-out when we air the rest of my interview with Gerard next week. We do indeed talk about the movie: Jessica Biel, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Uma Thurman and Dennis Quaid also star in the romantic comedy.