WSVN — He's a big personality in Miami, and Frenchman George-Eric Farge has now opened another namesake restaurant called George's Kitchen & The Loft in Midtown.

George-Eric Farge-Owner, George's Kitchen: "George's in Sunset they will know for parties, for birthdays, it will be loud. This is classy, and the food is exceptional."Ggeorge's Kitchen is manned by Michelin-Star Chef Steven Rojas and dining at the bar here really means dining in the kitchen.Steven Rojas-Executive Chef: "It's not a drinking bar, it's a food bar. You eat the food that it is prepared in front of you. There are open kitchens out there, but this is something out of the ordinary you don't really see anywhere."When it comes to the food, some of the highlights are a colorful pickled beet salad, Mediterranean octopus, shortrib tartare and anything coming out of this oven.Steven Rojas-Executive Chef: "We basically cook 80 percent of our meat and our fish in the oven. We use oak, we use mesquite and it just brings a nice rustic flavor. My favorite thing on the menu is the bone-in rib eye, 22 ounce. We sear it on the pan, we baste it with butter, then finish it in the oven."The place also doubles as a lounge. Before or after dinner head upstairs to the artsy loft where there is plenty of space to have a large party or just snuggle up with a date or friend. Karina Gonzalez: "Very comfy, cozy place, to sit down chat have a few drinks, catch up with some girlfriends, meet some guys."Patricia Gonzalez: "George's is just so fabulous and extraordinary. You feel that Sex and the City-like, Miami brings that to table."Drinks are quite the show with a mixologist creating unique cocktails including some that smoke.Bartender: "We use liquid nitrogen to dry the mint and we crush it. We use tangerine, we mix in together light rum, simple syrup and lime juice."Ileana Trujillo: "The smoke, the look. It's amazing. It tastes sweet, has a lot of flavor, it's delicious."For the more adventurous, try the dark side of the moon.Bartender: "It's made with eggs whites, from the top it looks like white and from the bottom is dark like the moon."George-Eric Farge-Owner, George's Kitchen: "The idea up here, we don't want them to leave, we don't want them to go anywhere."And everyone likes one-stop nights in this city. A DJ starts at midnight at George's Loft so you really don't have to ever leave for the night.FOR MORE INFORMATION:

George's Kitchen & The Loft 3404 North Miami Ave Miami, FL 33137

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