WSVN — Wesley was nine years old the day his life changed, the day his father didn't come home from work.

Wesley Joseph: "It's been hard, because I think of him everyday, and sometimes it hurts me inside because I wish he was there and then like that made me sad because I have to see my mom suffer."

To say his father provided for his family would be an understatement, working two jobs, each day.

Detective Donald Slovonic: "He was well-liked, hard working man. He worked at the warehouses during the day and came to the restaurant in the evening after six."

And, seven years ago, while at the restaurant in North Miami, his life came to an end.

The trouble started around 6 p.m. when a customer arrived.

Detective Donald Slovonic: "They had a bell at the counter, and both the victim and the other worker at the restaurant heard the bell. Mr. Joseph walked to the front."

George took the order, took it to the kitchen, then heard the bell again.

The cook says George went back to the front, then she heard him.

Detective Donald Slovonic: "She heard him yell for her name, she heard a shot, and, within seconds, he came back in the back of the restaurant and saw he was bleeding."

The father of two fell and died on the scene. He saw his killer and so did some witnesses.

Detective Donald Slovonic: "The people outside see the guy, they give us the description of a black male in his late teens, early 20s, 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, wearing a dark windbreaker. The one witness reported he thought he saw him put a gun in his waistband, as he was running away. The only other description, again we are going back now almost seven years, was that he had an unusual hairdo."

Detectives had a description. What they were missing then, and still missing, a motive to help them find a killer.

Detective Donald Slovonic: "Could've been a robbery, may very well have been a robbery. May it have been something else?"

Something else because no money was missing from the restaurant and something else because of what George's wife told detectives that she thought there was another woman in her husband's life."

Detective Donald Slovonic: "We do have information that George had a girlfriend. Could there have been a triangle there? It's a possibility.

Detective Donald Slovonic: "Whenever you enter emotions into a situation, people generally don't act rationally you know. Could there have been a jilted husband or a jilted third party? One doesn't know . You don't know."

At this point Slovonic is not ruling anything out just hoping that detectives can dig up something to help them out.

Detective Donald Slovonic: "Sometimes it takes one or two other pieces or just one piece of information to make a case complete."

One piece of information for two boys who lost a dad to a cowardly killer and now have a message for him.

Wesley Joseph: "If you are man enough to take someone's life away, why not be man enough to turn yourself in? Because, now that you took his life away, not only did you take his life away, but you took his family's life away too."

Someone knows who killed George Joseph. North Miami detectives hope that person is finally ready to help out.

Detective Donald Slovonic: "Give us a call, we will protect you if you want to remain anonymous, if you have the information. Give us the opportunity to give this family some closure."

Give a family something, and give detectives a chance to take a killer off the streets. If you know anything about the man who shot George Joseph seven years ago, then ran away, North Miami detectives would appreciate a call, and if you lost a family member, a friend, and you are still out for justice, give us a call.


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