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Attention gamers, this week it's all about Angry birds Rio. The Angry Birds get kidnapped and taken to Rio de Janero. Let's just say that puts them in a very fowl mood.

Rio has put Angry Birds back on top in best-selling games.

If birds isn't your tune try Shazam. Just point your phone toward the music and Shazam will tell you the song, the artist and get the lyrics free.

Picplz is also free and helps you share your photos. The app lets you take pictures and style them with a variety of filters and effects, then share away.

Anthony: "I have it linked to my Facebook, Twitter account, Foursquare anything social media related it's linked to that."

Making appsolutely sure everyone can see what you're up to.


Angry Birds Rio *iPhone, Android & Blackberry

Shazam*iPhone, Android & Blackberry

PicPlz*iPhone, Android