WSVN — You will be full of glee when you download the hottest music app in 21 countries. Glee Karoke lets you download your favorite songs from the show, and sing along with on-screen lyrics. The app scores your performance and lets you compete with singers all over the world.

Harmonies and other special effects make you sound like a star.

Heads up gamers, angry birds is soo last week. Tiny Wings soaring to number one. In this game, you help the birds fly by using the hills as jumps and see how far they can go before the sun goes down.

Looking for a hot place to go tonight. Yelp's monocle will get you where you want to be.

Maria Arguello: "When you point it in that direction those are the businesses nearby."

The app also gives you reviews, specials and freebies when you check in to a location.

Maria Arguello: "At Mercadito once you order a drink you get free guacamole so it's that simple. All it takes is one quick flick of your phone and you've got the free guac."

Yelp works in the U.S. and seven other countries. That's app-ceptional.


Glee Karaoke

Tiny Wings


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