Fun Apps

WSVN — Who doesn't love big-screen special effects. "Action Movie FX" brings big screen bang to your small screen.

Just take a picture with your phone, select a special effect and it's edited together just like a scene from a movie. Email to a friend or post to Facebook i-phone's number one free entertainment app will make anyone an action star.

From movie mayhem to making "Tracks Train Conductor 2: USA" puts you at the controls. Just drag your finger to the correct track and deliver trains in famous cities all over the country. But try not to crash locations, unlock as your scores climb quick decisions and smart strategies help you guide the trains for perfect loco-motion.

And finally, an app to help you get smart. "Brain Trainer exercises your noggin with a series of 10 games designed to enhance memory, focus and improve problem solving skills. Play every day and track your progress with the brain performance index.

Boosting your IQ is a smart way to pass the time.

Craig Stevens: "Brain Trainer's download is free and there are some free games, but there is a subscription fee for full access."


Action Movie FX

Train Conductor 2: USA

Brain Trainer