Full Moon Party

WSVN — This breathtaking moonlit sky is the perfect backdrop for a celebration.

Kelly Brunk: "I'm here to watch this beautiful full moon. It's astounding tonight."

The Ritz-Carlton South Beach throws a full moon party every month on the night of a full moon.

Ritz Chef: "We're right here on the beach, right on the ocean. This is one of the only places you can actually sit and see the ocean and dine."

We got to tell you, the view is amazing.

Jennifer Johnson: "I love the full moon. I'm obsessed with the full moon."

If you arrive before the sun has set, you'll get to see the full moon mingle with what's left of the daylight.

Later, when the skies darken, soak in a front row show as the moon reflects off the water.

Nia Iasher: "The moon creates a very romantic atmosphere, and being by the ocean and reflection is very nice."

The party is the perfect backdrop for Galileo-types who like to sky gaze. Several hi-tech telescopes are set up, so you can really get an up-close view of the moon.

While a DJ spins sultry tunes, dine on Mediterranean bites prepared by chef Jeff McInnis of Top Chef fame.

Chef Jeff McInnis: "Tomato gazpacho, a little bit of watermelon, spicy carrot soup with lobster. This is some falafel, one of our signature dishes.

Or just kick back and sip on cheap drinks like the moon-inspired luna cocktail and who cares if the lunar show makes you a little loony just blame it on the moon.

Sonia Reyes: "We've heard crazy stuff happens during the full moon, but not to us so far, so we'll see, maybe later tonight."

Belkys Nerey: "The next full moon party is Wednesday, March 11th. The party starts at six and goes until 11."


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Full Moon Party at the Ritz:http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/SouthBeach/Dining/TheDilidoBeachClub/Default.htm