Fred McPherson

WSVN — If you found Fred McPherson, odds are you would find someone near him that was smiling.

Verna, Fred's cousin: Once you met Fred, you would understand. He was such a wonderful and caring person and giving.

Fred was often the life of the party, a man who came from Jamaica to make a better life for his family.

Verna: "He came here and start a business, a printing business. It was nothing that he wouldn't do for anyone that would call upon him."

A man with many friends who loved him. A man with one person who hated him.

Verna: "I said over and over he has never met a stranger until someone took his life. If they knew him, they would have never, ever, ever hurt him."

The morning after Thanksgiving in 2012, Fred had walked from this house to his car when witnesses heard gunshots.

Detective Atina Johnson: "Those three individuals did not see the actual shooting. They heard a number of gunshots. They observed a tall black male, dark skin with dreadlocks, running away from the decedent's home into a white small vehicle."

Fred had been shot three times. His front door was open, his wallet, his cell phone were near him. Nothing was stolen. Clearly this was not a random killing.

Detective Johnson: "It definitely appears as though this were an execution.

Who would execute Fred McPherson? Why kill him? Fred had no known enemies, but as detectives dug they did find one unusual thing: a former girlfriend that was a thorn in Fred's side.

Detective Johnson: "We don't know that she's actually involved in the homicide or if she played a major or pivotal role, but the only thing that we do know is that she is the only link to Frederick McPherson that caused problems in his life."

After Fred and the woman broke up, she was accused of making up stories, saying Fred beat her, stalked her. She even went to court to get restraining orders against Fred.

Detective Johnson: "So all of those things we later found out were false. Those charges were dropped by the State Attorney's Office."

Detectives interviewed the woman. She denied knowing anything about Fred's murder, leaving Fred's family in pain, with so many questions unanswered.

Verna (cries): "We miss him. We'd just like somebody who knows something or hears something, hears someone talk or see anything, simple things, just to come forward."

One simple phone call, one small clue, might be enough to help Detective Johnson uncover the killer.

Verna: "If you're out there, please, I'm begging you, come forward. It could have been your loved one. It could have been your brother, your cousin, your father, your uncle."

If you know anything, if you have heard something from someone else about the murder of Fred McPherson, about someone who may have had it out for him, give Broward Crime Stoppers an anonymous call at 954-493-TIPS. One little clue may be enough to catch a killer.

And if you have lost a loved one and want to remind people you are still seeking justice, give us a call. I'm Patrick Fraser, 7News.


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