WSVN — They call the older years, the golden years but Fransica's was not so grand. First her husband Enrique had a stroke. Then they both had to move into an assisted living facility in Opa Locka.

Jendrich Valedon: "They couldn't be separated. They couldn't be separated. They came together since Cuba, no they coudn't be separated ever."

Then Franciscas car was stolen and she had to take a bus to get to work at a day care center.

Lt. Jim Tietz: "In the homicide bureau we deal with a lot of sad stories, but this one is particularly heartbreaking."

Heartbreaking for detectives because at the bus stop, thieves tried to take Francisca's purse. She had very little in that purse and may have struggled to save it.

Lt. Jim Tietz: "We believe she was stopped to be robbed because her purse was missing, and she was ultimately killed there."

Shot in the neck and murdered right here at 6:15 a.m. last September.

Jendrich Valedon: "I was in shock. My father was crying. I don't see my father crying."

After finding out Francisca was dead, Jendrich says his father had another stroke. They buried his mother, but in a way, his father died that day as well.

Jendrich Valedon: "It destroyed us completely. I thought my dad was going to be better completely. Actually he was diong very, very, well. This completely destroyed us and never expect it."

A husband with no desire to live. A family torn apart and detectives left with no witnesses and very few clues to go on.

Lt. Jim Tietz: "Somebody that would do this to a 68-year-old woman, you think they would hestiate to do it to somebody else? If they're that heartless if they would do it to her, they would do it to you and they would do it to me."

Patrick Fraser: "Det. Tietz says there was a report of a black four door pickup truck fleeing the area. Someone said it might have been a Dodge Ram, but detectives cant confirm it. It shows just how little they have to go on to track down Francisca's killer."

Lt. Jim Tietz: "We follow lead as small as large to the finish. No matter how long it takes, no matter what we have to do to follow the leads. We just need something. We need any little bit that the public can give us/"

Some information to give Jendrich a little satisfaction.

Jendrich Valedon: "These people don't deserve to walk next to us or live in this society becuase what I'm worried about is that they did it one time, they can do it again. They can hurt another family."

Detective Tietz says he has no doubt, if they shot a poor 68-year-old woman in the neck over an inexpensive purse, they probably already have or probably will do it again.

Lt. Jim Tietz: "So we need to get these people off the street. They're very dangerous."

Police call them dangerous, Francisca's family has another word for the cowards..

Jendrich Valedon: "If someone knows something please help us take these people, these monsters from the streets."

If someone knows something about a killer that shot a 68-year-old woman in the neck, who was going to work, Miami-Dade Crimestoppers would appreciate a tip. Give them a call, and if you have lost a loved one and fear they have been forgotten, give us a call. You will see how many people are still Out for Justice.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) in Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward

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