Foul Weather, Speed Traps & Organization

WSVN — When the storm clouds roll in, you'll want to roll out iMapWeather Radio.

This app is a lifesaver, giving you the latest local weather alerts, even waking up your phone, and you, when severe weather threatens.

This app usually costs $10, but here's some sunny news: Tomorrow only, Thursday, May 19, the download is app-solutely free.

And you won't forget that free download with Evernote.

This app is the ultimate organizer, helping you to remember life's little details.

Type notes, record reminders, even take snapshots of things you want to save.

Evernote syncs your files up with your computer to keep you clutter-free.

No one likes to get a speeding ticket, but our next app can help with that.

Trapster is anti-ticket technology.

The phone's GPS tracks your route and gives you a heads-up on what's ahead.

App: "That's a red light camera."

Be prepared for speed traps and other hazards.

App: "There's a school zone coming up here."

Just download and drive.

Tap the screen to report traps for other drivers.

Trapster comes in three languages, an app-solute must for drivers on the go.

Craig Stevens: "Evernote and Trapster are free, and iMapWeather Radio is too, but just for tomorrow, so don't forget to download."

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