Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

It was roles like that one as sonny corleone in "The Godfather" that prompted the folks at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival to honor acting legend James Caan with the lifetime achievement award. JAMES CAAN: "You know lifetime achievement award means like they're gonna bury you next week."Jimmy's gonna be spending time in so-flo. He's got a gig on the dramatic series, "Magic City" JAMES CAAN: "I'm doing four shows for them this year and that's it they're good friends of mine."James is no stranger to the 3-0-5. He's been a big fan for a long time.JAMES CAAN: "I love Miami you know I've been coming here for I don't know how many years thirty thirty-one years. I mean if you come for thirty one years you gotta like it."Local girl and Deco favorite Bailee Madison was over the moon when she found out the film festival folks named her this year's "Star On The Horizon."BAILEE MADISON: "I was so excited when I first found out, but even more knowing that my hometown is giving me this award means so much to know no matter what they're behind me and have supported me through every step of my career."Bailee was also on-hand for a screening of her latest film, "Cowgirls And Angels," which just came out on DVD.BAILEE MADISON: "Families are loving it and they've been asking for sequels so maybe there'll be some stuff stirring up there."The little lady from Fort Lauderdale's can't wait for next real-life role as a first-time aunt.BAILEE MADISON: "I like wanna be the coolest aunt in the world like I have the pregnancy app and everything I walk up to my sister I'm like "How are you feeling? Are you feeling this? I can give you a massage" I'm like heating up the lotion and everything I'm going all out to be a good aunt."The mutual love fest between Deco and Bailee shows no sign of stopping..BAILEE MADISON: "Hey deco drive it's Bailee Madison I wish I could give you all a big hug but I'm sending tons of kisses your way bye guys."