WSVN — As a celebrity personal trainer Grant Debacher is in constant motion.Grant Debacher: "I'm always on my feet. I'm always moving from one client to another."All that wear and tear on his feet finally caught up to him. Recently the 26-year-old developed extreme heel pain. Grant Debacher: "The pain was excruciating. It was really taking me out, not only work, but my personal life."Icing it. Resting it. Over the counter medicines didn't help so Grant went for a new treatment that actually uses amniotic fluid to heal the injury.  You heard right, the procedure called Amniomatrix takes the amniotic fluid from mothers who have consented to have the fluid removed during c-sections. Dr. Abraham Wagner: "The most important thing, there is no harm to the fetus, these are amniotic stem cells."The live cells are then frozen and preserved at a lab until a patient needs it.Dr. Abraham Wagner: "The Amniomatrix is shipped over night. It comes in dry ice, we have to thaw the product to use it. This little bottle contains millions of live cells."Dr. Abraham Wagner simply injects the Amniomatrix into the patient's injured spot in the foot, and just like the fluid helps protect and aid in the growth of a fetus.  When placed into an injury site, these cells recognize what is missing and go to work.Dr. Abraham Wagner: "The amniotic fluid contains important cells such as growth factors and proteins that aid in anti-inflammation. It provides these regenerative properties that the body needs in order to heal."Patients will have to stay off their feet for several weeks. Dr. Abraham Wagner: "It may be anywhere from two to four up to six weeks before we see any results."Patients may also need several shots, but for Grant, one shot was just the Foot Fix he needed. Grant Debacher: "About a month later I was back on my feet, back working again, 100 percent."The Amniomatrix can be used for different types of foot and heel problems, and some insurance's are paying for this.. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Dr. Abraham Wagner, DPM 21097 NE 27th Court Suite 200. Aventura, FL 33180 (305) 652-6676AMNIOMATRIX

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