WSVN — The mobile food truck trend that's swept the nation is now rolling into Miami.

Hoby Buppert: "It's actually a concept that I've seen around the country and I'm glad to see it popping up here in Miami finally."

Several food trucks are making pit stops all over our city dishing out gourmet food at good prices and they've already got quite the foodie following.

Hoby Buppert: "This week we've been following quite a few dining establishments on Facebook and Twitter and have been making quite a glutonous week of it."

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog who's Rick Ross personal chef, just launched his new roving truck "Gastropod Miami".

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog: "We're getting Miami used to the idea that you can get this great meal out of this truck that's moving around. We're shooting for a $10 an average meal. Which is a great."

You can hire 'Gastropod' for a private event or stalk them on Facebook or Twitter to see where they'll be for lunch or a bite after the club.

Christina Sotolonga: "I'm really into Twitter and social media. So I really like this concept."

Once you do find them expect the menu to constantly change with anything from burgers to unique sandwiches .

Christina Sotolonga: "I got the Triple Decker Slider Burger. Dirty. It's delicious. It's very juicy the slaw has some hints of citrus which balances out the grease."

Miami local and 'Food Network' chef Ingrid Hoffman also joining the mobile truck race with 'Latin Burger and Taco'.

Ingrid Hoffman: "This is like street food taken to another level. Yet it's comfort food and it's not too frou frou."

Her truck is roaming the streets for lunch and people are following.

MOS: "I'm a bit of a foodie myself and I got a notice that they were going to be out here today, so here we are I brought my family with me and we're ready to enjoy some Latin Macho burgers."

Cooking up the food culinary students who need internships to graduate and people who've lost their jobs.

Ingrid Hoffman: "What we actually got was magic because we have two sorts of people that are totally excited. The ones having their second chance are all about their second chance and the ones starting their career and their work life couldn't be more excited."

And the food is made from top-notch ingredients.

Ingrid Hoffman: "Of course, we've got decadent burgers like my chorrizo chuck and sirloin burger with Jajaca cheese melted on top, caramelized jalepenos and onions with a red pimento mayo and then we've got all sorts of tacos, including a healthy version taco."

Hoby Buppert: "We hit Latin Burger on Wednesday, and had fantastic burgers and tacos."

With all the trucks you can take your food to go or just hang out and meet some new lunch buddies.

Belkys Nerey: "Both trucks are priced right. Some items starting at $2.50. To find out the latest locations of the trucks, you'll have to go to their Facebook or Twitter pages."


Latin Burger & Tacowww.latinburger.comTwitter handle @latinburger

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