WSVN — Help Me Howard solves a lot of people’s problems, but sometimes 7’s viewers take those solutions to the next level. Here’s Patrick Fraser.

When we first met Risqué Dukes, the young swimwear designer was convinced her business was about to skyrocket.

Risqué Dukes: “Risqué Dukes brand will be a national brand. We will be worldwide.”

Risqué had called Help Me Howard after paying to show her swimwear in a New York fashion show, but then the organizer kicked her out.

Risqué Dukes: “So I said OK. Go ahead and refund my money. There was a moment of silence and then he hung up in my face.”

The show’s owner told me Risqué was unprofessional and too demanding, wanting to show 30 outfits instead of 10 like everyone else. As a result he wasn’t returning her money.

Then the Help Me Howard on Risqué aired.

Risqué Dukes: “Oh my gosh, the viewers were great. I received calls and e-mails. They said I had really amazing designs and I was really talented.”

Howard had told Risqué to file a dispute with PayPal to get her money back. She did.

Risqué Dukes: “After the segment aired on TV, PayPal did an investigation and they refunded me the $400.”

Then another fashion show organizer that saw Risque’s swimwear on Help Me Howard contacted her.

Risqué Dukes: “Caribbean Style Week offered me a segment in their fashion show. Their bikini fashion show.”

We talked to Risqué at Miami Tees where they are turning these materials into swimwear like this for the show. Risqué is now on a roll.

Risqué Dukes: “So I was really really excited.”

Marlene Wellington: “Ecstatic. How is that for a word that describes how I feel?”

When Marlene called us, she was not broken up. But her car was.

Marlene Wellington: “And I looked up and there was this tow truck. So I went running over, ‘No, no!’ Banging on the window and so on, and then he looked at me and then pulled.”

In the rush to snatch Marlene’s car, the tow truck driver didn’t hook up properly and busted her bumper. Torres Towing’s insurance company refused to pay for the damage. We then contacted the owner of the company.

Marlene Wellington: “Angel Torres who owns the tow company that did the damage, [he] was nice enough to decide it was their responsibility, so they would pay for it.”

And after our story, Angel Torres kept his word and and paid the $670 to get Marlene’s car fixed. Little did he know how happy he made her.

Marlene Wellington: “Look at this gorgeous bumper that you guys helped me get. Without you, I could have never gotten it. I’m so appreciative. It’s new again.”

Patrick Fraser: “Nice thing to do by Mr. Torres. And Risqué was stunned by the number of Help Me Howard viewers who called to tell her how much they liked her swimwear and the number of people who wanted to buy it. She says she is gonna be big one day. I wouldn’t bet against Risqué.”

Things not going swimmingly for you? Ready to bumper in another direction? Contact us. We can’t design a thing but we can repair your problems. With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.


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