Florida Keys Missing and Unsolved Facebook Page

WSVN — In 1988 4-year-old Patricia Lanza was raped and murdered in Little Torch Key. In 1971 Jesus Fernandez was killed in North Key Largo. And in 1991 the body of woman who has never been identified was found the killer of each victim got away.Detective Manny Cuervo: "We have a couple that are upwards of 30 years old."But these and other unsolved murder cases have something in common, each one is being shown on a unique Facebook page called, Florida Keys Missing and Unsolved.Detective Manny Cuervo: "Our hope is to generate new leads, generate someone's mind that may have been at one of these locations or may know something about one of these cases who has maybe been afraid to speak up after all these years."Manny Cuervo and other Monroe County detectives put the Facebook page together to reach people all over the world, who may know something about Old Keys murder cases.Detective Manny Cuervo: "We'd just like to generate some more leads and use that as a tool to reach out to more people."A lead for a cold case like this one.Detective Manny Cuervo: "This is Teresa Alfonso and then there's Cynthia Gooding as well."Cynthia and Teresa were dropped off by Teri's mother at a movie theater in Marathon in 1974. They never made it inside. Bonnie Padron: "One of their friends says they were picked up by a white van or a yellowish van and they were supposed to head to this party."Not only were the two teenagers never seen by their families again, their bodies were never found.  Bonnie Padron: "I think something happened, and I think it was somebody locally."39 years have passed since Mercedes dropped the girls off at the movies.Mercedes Cruz: "Not a day goes by that I don't think of my daughter, and I pray this it will come to an end."Now maybe this Facebook page will stir someone to write something they have never revealed before.Bonnie Padron: "That was a lot of back and forth and e-mails and stuff that we had gotten from Facebook. I'm hoping that this will get things stirred up again."And if you look at the Facebook page, people are responding under the photos. There are reader  comments on the different cases: Here's one person who remembered a 1978 Key West Case. Trying to spur a friend who lived there at the time to post a message. And here's another that woman killed in 1991 who has never been identified, someone wrote they once knew a girl who looked like her. A simple post like that could help Monroe County detectives identify the dead woman.So many cases, now so easy for millions of people to see. Detective Manny Cuervo: "We'd just like to generate some more leads and use that as a tool to reach out to more people."For family members like Bonnie and Mercedes it would mean so much to find out where the killer dumped Teri's body.Bonnie Padron: "It gets the story back out there."After 39 years they know Teri is dead, but accepting her death doesn't wipe out the pain of not knowing anything about her death.Bonnie Padron: "I am so frustrated and I'm just angry because we've been doing this and doing this and doing this for years." Mercedes Cruz: "I'm not going to give up. I'm not going to give up. I'm going to keep on and keep on and keep on and keep on.Maybe this Facebook page can help bring in some clues. For Teri's case and Ronald Silivia's case Beth Numeier's murder, the list is long. Maybe you know something or know someone who does. So take a look, If you know anything about any of the cases here, you don't have to talk to someone, just leave a comment for detectives.And if you have lost a loved one and want to remind people who have forgotten, give us a call and show you are still Out for Justice.