Hard but soft. Carol de Leon: "It's cushy, soft, it's like walking on clouds. It's liberating."Sexy and sophisticated. Shireen: "When a woman puts on a Flogg what will she experience?"Carol de Leon: "Well, it's not really words it's more like ooohhhh ahhhhh ohhh"Designer, Carol De Leon is talking about her latest comfy, creation: Floggs. Shireen: "What is a Flogg?"Carol de Leon: "It's very simple. It's a flip flop and a clog. Two iconic types of footwear."We found the fabulous – fast forward on the 70's – Dr. Schols like footwear at Koko & Palenki at the Aventura Mall. Carol de Leon: "The struggle was, we walk into a room lookin' all fresh & fine, with your high heels on, and slowly you're withering because "my feet hurt', and you're hanging on to the wall."That's why Carol added a flip flop top. Shireen: "When you say a flip flop top, what does that mean?"Carol de Leon: "It's actually really simple, Eva is material flip flops are made of. We studied it very carefully, what the density should be, and came up with the perfect density, so it's nice and comfy, but still supports your feet."Floggs are fashionable in a flat, medium & high heel. Carol de Leon: "There's also an inner arch support, on the inside, so as your feet sink more into the shoe, you still have that arch support to keep you balanced."Shireen: "My spine thanks you by the way."The wonderfully – wooden – walk this way shoes — come in bright or toned down colors. Either way – this cool new style will have you walking on sunshine, with clouds attached to the bottom of course.  

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