Fitness Fads

WSVN — Cardio has never been this much fun!

Roya Siroospour, Group Fitness Director, Crunch: "You look like a bunch of kangaroos jumping around."

At Crunch Gym on South Beach, the newest way to work out is a class called boing! Just like the name, you strap on these boots called Kangoo Jumps and hop into action!

Patti Guadagano: "You pick it up right away. You really do keep in balance."

The rounded shape of the boots soles make it difficult to balance, so you have to work much harder.

Roya Siroospour: "The shoes are a little unstable, so it's gonna force you to use your core as well as your gluteus to stabilize."

During the one hour class you'll run and jog around the room . Hop from side to side. Balance with weights and of course hop as high as you can! It's so much fun you'll forget you're actually exercising.

Carol Martin: "Everyone just has a big smile on their face, the music is brilliant, keeps you motivated."

Patti Guadagano: "It's so much fun. You're able to do things you can't really do in tennis shoes. You're flying!"

The boots also have a big leg-up on regular tennis shoes!

Roya Siroospour: "When you work out in the Kangoos you're going to get burn 25 to 50 percent more calories than regular tennis shoes."

Want to transform your mind and body? Try the Core Fusion class at the new Exhale Spa in Downtown Miami. This class combines the best moves from several different workouts.

Elisabeth Halfpapp, Exhale, VP Movement Programming: "It's a combination of Pilates core work, Lotte Berk method, Yoga stretching and breathing, orthopedic exercises for the back, spine, the knees, the shoulders."

During this hour-long class you'll go from working your legs and thighs on the barre like a ballet student, to weight work for a chiseled upper body, but after each muscle-building exercise, you'll stretch, so muscles are long and lean.

Elisabeth Halfpapp: "We get washboard abs, I call it the eight pack instead of a six pack, long lean thighs, high round butt, chiseled arms."

You will be ready to exhale when this tough class is over!

Barbara Alfonzo: "Definitely a workout. I felt it in every muscle. I can already tell it's going to be hard to walk, but it's a good feeling."


Michael Rosales: "I love that it's a workout, but it still has a Yoga feel, so you kinda get to relax at the same time."

So, no more excuses that you're bored it's time to get moving!

Right now Exhale is offering a free pass to the Core Fusion classes for one week. At Crunch, non-members are welcome to the take the boing class.


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