Fit and Fabulous Moms

WSVN — A local mom went from flabby to fabulous And now she is inspiring other moms to do the same. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in today’s Parent to Parent.

When Laura London’s three kids were little, she struggled with her weight like most busy moms do.

Laura London: “I was just doing, going through the motions like so many moms, when they have young kids and putting myself last and putting everybody else first.”

Then one day she decided to make a major change. She started going to the gym, writing down every exercise she would do.

Laura London: “I was going to do the treadmill for x amount of minutes, I was going to do bicep curls.”

She followed a strict workout plan for 30 days and began eating healthier. Little by little she saw a transformation.

Laura London: “I joined the gym with my shirt down to my knees and slowly things started coming off.”

Laura says even busy moms can take the time to exercise. As president and founder of Laura London Fitness, she says first, have a plan and stick to it.

Laura London: “So, many people will start and stop.”

She recommends keeping track of your workouts as a visual motivator.

Laura London: “I always tell people put an “X” on the calendar every day you exercise, you’ll see those X’s adding up.”

And most importantly, confidence is key. Laura says believe you can do it.

Laura London: “You can be fit and fabulous at any age there’s no reason to say, ‘I am too old.'”

Her passion led her to create the Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest, where moms of all ages are welcome to come out and strut their stuff.

Laura London: “Just stepping on that stage, just stepping out of your comfort zone, doing something that they never ever thought they would do.”

Holly Exsteen, a mother of two young girls, recently faced a health scare.

Holly Exsteen: “In August of last year I found out a pap smear came back irregular.”

She had surgery and was told she couldn’t workout for months. She was back at the gym in just six weeks. Now, she’s gearing up for the contest to inspire others.

Holly Exsteen: “I wanted to empower other women and say, ‘Look, I made it through a tough, tough time.'”

Laura hopes to continue to spread that message to everyone.

Laura London: “That’s really my goal for moms, to live that lifestyle every day of health and wellness.”

Lynn Martinez: The Fit and Fabulous Mom contest will be held this Friday.


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