WSVN — Buying your first home can be overwhelming, but decorating it doesn’t have to be. Our makeover maestro with the proof.

Martin Amado: “Loving today’s makeover. We’re helping a young family, who recently became first time homeowners, decorate their new living room. Let’s go meet them.”

Martin Amado: “OK Holly, so you finally got the keys to your brand new home but now comes the decorating challenge right?”

Holly Dinsdale: “Yes.”

Martin Amado: “So, tell me what you need help with?”

Holly Dinsdale: “Well, typically you know we lived in much smaller spaces, this living room is much bigger.”

Martin Amado: “So we were able to get bigger furniture but we don’t really have anything that makes it our home yet.”

Martin Amado: “So you want to stamp it with your own personal style.”

Holly Dinsdale: “Yes!”

Martin Amado: “So what budget do you have in mind?”

Holly: “Like to keep it around $1000. Which will be good for us.”

Martin Amado: “Alright, it’s doable. As you know this happens in one day so you can go off to work and we’ll surprise you at the end of the day.”

Martin Amado: “First up, the room needs a new furniture layout. At the moment, all the pieces are clustered in the very center making everything look super tight and it’s not maximizing the actual space.”

Martin Amado: “There we go. The room feels much better now. It just opens up the space.”

Martin Amado: “A large wall requires a large focal point and I have just the thing.”

Martin Amado: “Let’s see if it’s centered. And it is! Awesome! For $100, you get a lot of bang for your buck.”

Martin Amado: “On this side of the room, we have a large empty wall and a small media base. Not working for me, but stay right there.”

Martin Amado: “Now take a look! Much better! For only $49 each, it really fills up the entire wall.”

Martin Amado: “Holly and Scott have a large collection of record albums. Remember these? Way before my time, just kidding. So I thought, why not turn it into artwork for the walls? Look how cool!”

Martin Amado: “Not bad for only spending $18 for the frame.”

Martin Amado: “A small desk for only $40, works perfectly as a sofa table.”

Martin Amado: “We’re going for like a groovy vibe here.”

Martin Amado: Solid pillows, plain and boring. A print on it and now you have a designer look.”

Martin Amado: “When you have open shelving, storage boxes are the perfect way to keep everything hidden and organized.”

Martin Amado: “Final touch are flameless candles, keeping in mind the safety of their small child. Let’s go get them.”

Martin Amado: “Gabriel, Scott and Holly, open your eyes! Go…1,2,3!”

Scott: “Wow!”

Holly Dinsdale: “Oh my gosh!”

Martin Amado: “Congratulations again on your new home.”

Holly Dinsdale: “Oh my gosh! It looks beautiful! Thank you so much Martin! It looks great!”

Scott: “Yeah, this is awesome! Wow!”

Martin Amado: “Thank you so much for letting us do this for you.”

Holly Dinsdale: “We’re just speechless. I hear Gabriel saying wow!”

Martin Amado: “All the viewers at home we thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next time on another ‘Room for Improvement’!”

Martin wants to help you decorate your home. Email him at room@wsvn.Com or call him at 305-576-home or 954-962-home.

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