A South Florida woman was fined for not wearing a mask at her pool, and the governor says you don’t have to wear a mask at school, but the superintendent says you do. You’ve still got COVID questions, and Help Me Howard has the answers.

Working as a nurse is not only difficult with COVID, it can be deadly, which is why Larisa enjoys coming home to her condo more than ever.

Larisa Turecsky: “It’s absolutely outstanding living. It’s a beautiful, beautiful, building with a beautiful community.”

The building has a nice pool overlooking the ocean.

One day, Larisa was swimming in the pool. She was not alone.

Larisa Turecsky: “There were little kids. Some of them were diaper age. The kids were running full force from here jumping into the pool, a dangerous situation.”

Their parents weren’t there and Larisa noticed the pool attendant wasn’t paying attention.

She got out of the pool and walked over to him.

Larisa Turecsky: “I walked 10 steps to a pool attendant, and I told them, ‘Hey guys, there are little kids that are running. It’s dangerous.'”

His reply?

Larisa Turecsky: “As soon as the question ‘Where is your mask?’ came, I was, like, stunned.”

Larisa had been in the water, so she was not wearing her mask. It was sitting in her chair. She went back to her condo and forgot about it.

Larisa Turecsky (on her phone): “What?!”

Then, she got an email from the association.

Larisa Turecsky: “I have a violation for not wearing a mask at the pool, and I have a fine of $200.”

Larisa said the attendant was irritated that she caught him not doing his job and stopping the little kids from jumping in the pool, which is a violation, so he gave her a violation, claiming she was rude and not wearing a mask.

Larisa Turecsky: “A lot of lies. If the pool manager described the situation accurately, it wouldn’t be a fine. It wouldn’t be a violation.”

Well Howard, can you be fined for getting out of a pool and walking 10 feet towards the attendant without a mask?

Howard Finkelstein, 7 News Legal Expert: “Technically, you can cite someone, but come on. She just out of the pool, and you have to give people a break.”

Lots of questions coming in.

The governor says schools cannot force children to wear masks. Dade and Broward school districts say masks are mandatory. Who does a child or parent listen to?

Howard Finkelstein: “You have to listen to the school district and your principal. They run the school, not the governor.”

A private school that does not require masks is demanding parents sign a waiver of liability in case their child gets sick. Can they do that?

Howard Finkelstein: “No, they cannot do it because they have a contract between the parent and the school. They cannot change the terms in the middle of the contract.”

Can a doctor or dentist refuse to see a person who needs treatment because the patient will not get vaccinated?

Howard Finkelstein: “Yes, because they have an obligation to keeps their employees and other patients safe, and allowing an unvaccinated person in makes it risky.”

Her property manager is coming into her condo without notifying her. She works from home and feels unsafe. How can she stop them?

Howard Finkelstein: “They cannot come in without proper notice unless it’s an emergency. If he continues, change the locks if the association allows it.”

Her boss is letting her work from home but wants her to install a webcam so he can watch her. Is that legal?

Howard Finkelstein: “As long as she is on the payroll, yes, but he can only watch while she is at her desk working.”

Larisa Turecsky: “It’s very absurd.”

Larisa is not giving up and is going to fight the fine for not having a mask after she got out of the pool and approached the attendant.

Larisa Turecsky: “I’ll go there, and I’ll look into their eyes, and I’ll tell them what happened.”

And we will let you know if she wins.

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