Finance and Security Apps

WSVN — January is the time to pay off holiday bills, and we've got just the app for that.

Pageonce – Money and Bills helps you keep track of your money anytime, anywhere.

Just add in your banks and credit cards.

Get statements and reminders, or pay bills with the touch of a button.

It was voted Best Financial App of 2010 and 2011.

And here's something to help you keep track of all those pesky receipts.

Lemon-Receipts Refreshed organizes your purchases.

Just take a picture of your receipts, and lemon squeezes the data, organizing it to show just where your money goes.

Go online to get your personal address for all of your digital and e-receipts.

And since there is so much important information on your phone, it's time to lock it down.

Lookout Mobile Security helps protect your smart phone and all your info.

The app backs up data, protects from viruses, and keeps you from connecting to unsecured WiFi networks.

And if your phone is lost or stolen, log onto your computer or another smartphone to sound the alarm and track it down to protect your phone on the go.

Craig Stevens: "All of today's apps are free to download."

FOR MORE INFORMATION:Pageonce- Money & Bills *iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Lemon- Receipts Refreshed *iPhone

Lookout Mobile Security *iPhone, Android