WSVN — Back in the day, it was music to our little ears: the sound of the ice cream truck pulling into the neighborhood with cold treats, but now that tune has changed.

Felecia Hatcher: "We like to play music from independent and local artists."

Meet the new, hip version of the ice cream truck called Feverish Ice Cream. They're blasting updated music and sporting a fancy new ride that's eco-friendly.

Felecia Hatcher: "We decided to go with Scion XB since they are smaller and a smaller carbon footprint."

Twenty-something Felecia Hatcher and her co-workers drive this little green Scion all over South Florida. They set up lounge chairs and sell ice cream at the beach, special events and outside nightclubs.

Felecia Hatcher: "Starting at 9 p.m., on Thursday through Sunday, we're out on the streets. Downtown Miami, around the beach, Broward and Palm Beach County, too. Just hanging out, you know, serving ice cream and just really have fun."

Eileen Sanchez: "It's very different. It's not your old fashioned ice cream truck. It definitely gets your attention. It's young."

The truck is loaded down with all sorts of ice cream, including old school favorites.

Christina Gazzia: "We have our strawberry shortcake, vanilla sandwich, our push pop, and lastly our nutty sundae cone."

There's even cold treats for the health nuts.

Christina Gazzia: "We have some of the new school things, which are dairy-free. We have the Cuties and also if you want to go a little more healthy, we have fresh fruit Mexican paletas. They are really good."

Sonia Parra: "I'm having the coconut, very delicious, sweet, kind of homemade."

They often pair up with Two Girls and a Cupcake, so you can overdose on sweetness at your next party.

Felecia Hatcher: "They can rent us out for birthday parties, corporate parties, weddings. We'll come tailored to their theme, with the ice cream and even the music."

Talk about a cool party for all the adults who just don't want to grow up.

Belkys Nerey: "The ice cream costs about $2. You can find out where the Feverish Ice Cream Truck is headed next on their Facebook and Twitter accounts."


Feverish Ice Cream Truck:305-402-0376 Customer Service 323-743-3837 Event 

On Twitter:Feverishmiami

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