WSVN — At first glance you may think this is a pilates class but look again. These folks are doing the gyro-tonic expansion method.Mari Kasich: "Gyrotonic exercises are done with equipment."Basically, it's a unique system of equipment and exercise that embraces the key principals of yoga, dance, gymnastics and swimming. Mari Kasich: "It provides strength of the joints and movement and strength of expansion."Created by a professional dancer, gyrotonic exercises are very fluid in motion and focus on the spine.Mari Kasich: "Nice and tall through the spine but natural uprightness, palms on top of the handles."And while athletes like this ballet dancer, love the technique for strength and coordination, anyone can benefit from it.Bobbi exercises every day. Bobbi Litt: "That's the first thing I think about in the morning? How many hours am I going to get in?"She says after getting used to the equipment she's hooked, and loves how it's improved her posture.Bobbi Litt: "It stretches every single part of your body which nothing else seemed to do."Harvey suffers from chronic low back pain.Harvey Pallen: "Holding yoga poses was too difficult to me because there's a lot of stress on your back, this is the perfect combination of pilates and yoga."Instructor Mari Kasich says the gyrotonic method is perfect for people who have an injury or want to prevent one. Mari Kasich: "Anybody that sits a lot, has postural low back pain, joint pain, people recovering from surgery."Amy is actually a pilates teacher, but she tried gyrotonic three years ago after a shoulder injury.Amy Bloom: "Immediately heal my stiff spots like a bad shoulder and I'm like oh, I'm balanced again, and I can go out into the world and feel great."She says anyone can do it and the results are incredible. Amy Bloom: "It gives you this liberating movement throughout your body so it's very amazing and it's immediate."Christine Cruz: "Mari recommends taking a private session first to get used to the equipment and then you can join group classes."


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