WSVN — Mimi Hurtado's weight has been an issue for as long as she can remember.

Mimi Hurtado: "I was always an overweight child and I found comfort and a coping mechanism in food."

She decided to have gastric bypass surgery when she couldn't believe the number on the scale.

Mimi Hurtado: "I'm pretty sure I topped over 300 pounds."

After the surgery, Mimi lost half her body weight.

Mimi Hurtado: "Approximately 140 to 150 pounds."

But then she was left with all this excess skin.

Mimi Hurtado: "I was under the delusion that once I got all the weight off than that was it, euphoria."

Plastic surgeon Sean Simon says it's a problem for many who undergo weight loss surgery.

Dr. Sean Simon: "What some patients don't realize is that they've traded in essence one issue, which is the excess weight and medical problems, for another issue which is excess skin."

What's worse, Mimi had reconstructive surgery to remove the hanging skin and was left with terrible scarring and bulges.

Mimi Hurtado: "The way the other surgeon left me I felt like Frankenstein."

She couldn't even look at herself.

Mimi Hurtado: "I was completely and utterly mortified when I would look in the mirror."

Then she found Dr. Simon.

Dr. Sean Simon: "She was frustrated. She was sad because she felt no one was willing to take on a complicated case."

And it was complicated, Mimi needed a lot of work.

Dr. Sean Simon: "From the arms, the chest including her breasts which had not been addressed. The abdomen, the plank, the back, the thighs."

Mimi then had to face her fear of more surgery.

Mimi Hurtado: "He took the time and reassured me that he was going to do the best that he could."

Dr. Simon told her there would be three procedures.

Dr. Sean Simon: "It's going to take multiple stages and we'll address different body parts in stages."

After a tummy tuck, body sculpting and breast augmentation, Mimi can not believe her new body.

Mimi Hurtado: "Mere words can't express how I feel for what he's done for me."

Now she can throw away the oversized clothes she used to hide in.

Mimi Hurtado: "I do like a little happy dance when I look at myself, and I'm getting dressed and I go to my closet, and it's an ocean of clothes that I have a choice to pick from."

She says it's like turning over a new leaf.

Mimi Hurtado: "As the scars begin to heal so does my mind, and I'm able to like what I see."

Christine Cruz: "Dr. Simon says do your research first. Make sure you choose a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in helping weight loss patients."


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