It’s got the name of a luxurious fast car and it’s the latest machine to help Vanquish flab. Just in time for the holidays, 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us this new fat fighter.

WSVN — Claudine basile knows age is not on her side when it comes to keeping off those extra pounds.

Claudine Basile: “Being 38, it’s not that easy to lose weight any more. The love handles, as well as the lower belly.”

Claudine works out daily but says she can’t seem to burn off the stubborn fat.

Looking for some extra help she passed on lipo and decided on a new machine that’s supposed to burn off the fat.

Dr. Jason Pozner: “This new machine is called Vanquish like the Aston Martin. This is the latest greatest fat-busting technology. As you can see, it treats the whole abdomen and flanks in one session.”

Unlike other machines that freeze the fat this one heats it up.

Dr. Jason Pozner: “In this case 45 degrees, which is sort of selective for causing fat cell death. It causes those cells to say, ‘I’m gonna die’ and those cells die over the next couple of weeks. Your body absorbs these cells, excretes it. We don’t think the fat is going to come back.”

Patients will need need six, 30-minute treatments.

Dr. Jason Pozner: “You’re going to see your best final results about a month after your last treatment.”

Other than mild redness and possible swelling doctors say there are no known side effects.

Claudine Basile: “It’s actually pretty relaxing.”

The one kicker to help lose the fat…

Dr. Jason Pozner: “You’ve got to be well-hydrated. Drink a lot of water with this.”

Claudine says she’s watched the inches melt away.

Claudine Basile: “I’ve had six treatments already. I’ve lost about 3 or 3 1/2 inches.”

Claudine Basile: “I don’t see big love handles or big muffin top. I feel comfortable in my skin.”

Lynn Martinez: “Six sessions will cost you about $2,500. Right now, there only a few doctors who have this new machine.”



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