Now that the car is finally out of the garage: Here are some of the things I haven't told about Fast 6. The movie that's about car criminals helping police catch another car criminal:Someone doesn't put on their seat belt. And ends up dead.Shireen: "I don't wanna give away too much about the movie, but I don't like what's going on between us right now."Gal: "Us?"Shireen: "Well we know and they don't know."Gal: "Oh, I thought you meant us, and i like u."There's a totally hot new bad guy: His name is Luke Evans. Shireen: "You guys are new to the family. Tell me what the experience was like, joining the cast and becoming apart of it?"Luke: "My first day on the film, was being cuffed, dragged down by Dwayne Johnson."Shireen: "That could be intimidating."Luke: "You're telling me."There's a new girl  – trying to fit into the Fast family – Gina Carano – she plays the popo – or does she?Gina: "I do believe I was a little nervous. They are a very loyal group. Intially you do feel like a new kid, but the more you work with them, it comes full circle and you feel such a part of it."Everyone in the cast loves Miami and misses Rio — that's where fast five was made. Shireen: "What is the first thing that pops into your mind when I say Miami?" Sung: "Big butts."Sung gives the best answers to my thought provoking questions:Shireen: "What do you think is a perfect car for a woman to drive?"Sung: "Anytime i see a woman in a Porsche, i think it's sexy."Shireen: "It's kind of hot. right"In Fast 6 you'll be suprised by.

Elsy: "The strength of the women in this movie."The Fast cast — really is a family on & off screenLuke: "They are fun, they have a good time, they're having a good time making these films and it's great to join a franchise that after the sixth installment – that's bigger, better and more exciting than it's ever been."That wraps up my Fast 6 list:  And my special. Driving Fast & Furious never gets old but with 120 million dollars made at the box office over Memorial Day weekend, I guess you already knew that.By the time fast 50 rolls around, I won't need a face lift, I'll just stick my head out the window and let the speed take care of my excess skin.Fast 6 is playing at the movies now — Fast 7 — drives into theaters next year — July 2014.

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