Whether you wanna punch it, reverse it or put it in cruise control. "Fast & Furious 6" is the perfect ride. The film franchise keeps getting bigger & better and so does its star — Vin Diesel.Shireen: "I feel like we were just in Rio"VIN DIESEL: "Ha…we were just in Rio."Shireen: "How did this happen?"VIN DIESEL: "I know."From Rio to London.VIN DIESEL: "What would be the opposite of London?Shireen: "Uh, London?"VIN DIESEL: "That will do."This time, the Fast 6 cast shifts it into high gear when they reunite to help the popo catch a professional car criminal (none of that drag racing stuff). Shireen: "What can Miami viewers expect from this installment of the movie?"VIN DIESEL: "They can expect more amazing action, scenes that outdo the scenes in fast 5."Shireen: "If that's possible."VIN DIESEL: "A gender play on the big fight sequence."That means hot chicks kick some hot butt and there's something else for the ladies, too.VIN DIESEL: "At the core of the story, there is a love story that's driving all of this action."Speaking of action – there's whole lotta of it — especially when Vin and I get behind the wheel.Shireen: "I like to sing like I'm a rock star when I'm driving."VIN DIESEL: "I like to eat rice cakes. One day my father came out to visit me when we were filming in London and he was eating rice cakes."Apparently, it's genetic. Kind of like living in Miami?VIN DIESEL: "I could never live in Miami."Shireen: "Why? the Rock lives in Miami."VIN DIESEL: "Because it's too good! It feels like I'm cheating. Don't you ever feel that way?"Shireen: "Yeah, but I like cheating."There's no cheating in Fast 6 – that is, when it comes to action, family, friendship & a fun time. Shireen: "You give good junket."VIN DIESEL: "Oh you're an amazing angel."That's my blinker people move outta my lane. I hate to sound cliche – but buckle up and and enjoy the ride cuz this movie doesn't drive 55.

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