Fast & Furious 6 – Michelle Rodriguez

Actress Michelle Rodriguez has survived a lot. And so has her character Letty in the Fast & Furious franchise. Fist fights, crazy car crashes the list goes on but this time around — in "Fast 6" she's being raised from the dead because that's just how life is in the fast lane.  Michelle Rodriguez is kicking some major butt and taking names in "Fast & Furious 6." I met up with the muy caliente actress in London where they filmed the movie. And we'd both just hopped the pond from our favorite place.Shireen: "You were just in Miami."MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: "Yeah."Shireen: "Did you get to play at all or all work?"MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: "I played enough to get a cold."Michelle loves the Magic City. Shireen: "What's the first thing that pops into your head when I say Miami?"MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: "Sex, drugs and Rock n' Roll."In "Fast 6" Michelle's character – Letty Ortiz – comes back from the dead. Shireen: "Is it true that fans single-handedly brought your character back?"MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: "I do believe that the fans do have a big percentage to do with the outcome, social media is starting to play a bigger factor at there's at least an ear from the studio to be receptive to it."Back by fan demand — this time Letty ends up on the wrong side of the wheel.Michelle was a budding actress when the Fast & Furious franchise first started me, a cub reporter. MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: "It's like a snowball now isn't it?"Shireen: "It is and usually franchises don't do that. What do you attribute that to? Besides sex, drugs and Rock n' Roll."MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: "Many factors, many factors. I think it's a receptivity and an organic process. I think Universal Studios has been very open minded about shifting and being progressive, and trying to up the ante' on the last one."It's hard to believe – but somehow, someway — each movie – gets bigger and better I guess it's all about navigating the twists and turns of Hollywood – so you don't come to a dead end. MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ: "I think Vin Diesel's participation with her production company one race has a lot to do with the street credibility and the maintenance of the characters and maintaining their integrity that way..and I also think with the fan base with social media has a big factor in it, because they can put their two cents in."And that 2 cents has turned into a multi-million dollar film franchise and really, Michelle wouldn't drive it any other way.Don't miss my interviews with hunky Paul Walker and the always lovely Jordana Brewster tomorrow on Deco."Fast & Furious 6" opens Friday in theaters everywhere.