If you feel the need – the need for speed. Don't take it out on I-95 head to the movie theater instead.Fast and Furious 6 yeah I said six because that's how they roll. Is zooming back onto the big screen the entire gang is back — with a few new faces —  in London. JUSTIN LIN: "What you see is very iconic. I thought it was the perfect partner for this chapter of fast and furious."And so is uber talented director, Justin Lin. Nice view right?JUSTIN LIN: "Some of the stuff, seeing the iconic American car, with Dom driving and going through picadilly circus, that's.."shireen: "Great stuff."JUSTIN LIN: "Only three films have been able to shoot there and we are one of three films in its history."This time dom & his speed demon gang, come out of retirement — to help the po po catch a real criminal things are always better when your on the right side of the Rock.  Shireen: "How do you take a car movie,  that's literally about street racing and make it such a successful franchise?"JUSTIN LIN: "The way to do that is to really to care about the characters, build the mythology and explore the relationships, at the same time, let's not forget the fact that they are maturing and getting older."The film franchise started 12 years ago. It's earned a bazillion dollars since and has slowly but surely — stick shifted its way into the hearts of audiences everywhere.JUSTIN LIN: "At the end of the day, you don't make a sequel, just to make it. you make them because people want to see more."Something tells me – this car chase – isn't the last, but maybe for Lin it is. Shireen: "I'm really heartbroken about this – are you coming back for 7?"JUSTIN LIN: "No, I'm done after 6."Shireen: "Unacceptable. I don't know what movie you're making but I'm going to have to break those plans for you."JUSTIN LIN: "I think it's time for another filmmaker to come in."Shireen: "You're going to be here for fast 10 right?"Shireen: "Can we have it in say Machu Picchu?"JUSTIN LIN: "Wven though I'm leaving the franchise, we're still family. if this thing keeps going, you never know what's going to happen."

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