WSVN — You're looking at the future faces of fashion. From sewing to cutting these kids are creating. And it's all happening at Design Lab Miami under the instruction of Angie Cohen who really knows fashion.

Angie Cohen: "I worked for Calvin, Calvin Klein in New York."

Now she is using her experience to inspire young minds.

Angie Cohen: "How to sew, how to sketch, how to print fabric, understanding what the fashion industry is."

Girls and boys ages six and up are encouraged to come up with their own concept in design then create their piece from start to finish.

Angie Cohen: "The dream is to go home with pieces made by them."

Their latest project designing fashion from stuff you would probably just throw away.

Angie Cohen: "Whatever they have in their lunchbox, bring it and we will create something."

Mia is making a skirt out of potato chip bags.

Mia Erlichman: "I like sewing on the big machine. I think that's really fun."

The 9-year-old fashionista also made the dress she's wearing.

Mia Erlichman: "I made it myself and I feel happy it was created by me."

Kailani has a passion for fashion.

Kailani Barreras: "I will come here and I will just keep on working and not stop."

She is hard at work on a Valentino-inspired gown.

Kailani Barreras "I'm going to add a bunch of flowers to it so they go cascading around the dress."

The 7th grader hopes to see her creation on the red carpet one day.

Kailani Barreras: "Taylor Swift maybe because she looks really good in red to me."

At Design Lab Miami Angie says if you can dream it, you can do it.

Angie Cohen: "We empower kids to create, to believe in themselves."

And strutting their stuff on the runway showcasing their own style – makes them feel great.

Ella Simon: "Very rewarding, coz it makes me feel proud that I made it, and then I get to wear it."

Design Lab Miami is offering a summer camp right now and space is available.


DesignLabMiami2248 NE 123rd StreetNorth Miami, FL 33181Tel: (305)

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