WSVN — There is a fresh new star at the Arsht Center, and it’s setting the stage for a healthy week. 7’s Belkys Nerey is taking us out for a meatless Monday even carnivores will love, on tonight’s Style File.

The Adrienne Arsht Center is the place to be for star-studded shows, and now on Mondays a produce production is in the spotlight.

Chef Allen Susser: “There’s a new kind of star at the Arsht Center.”

The Market Company is taking over the plaza from 4 ’til 8 p.m. on Mondays with a farmer’s market full of vendors selling all sorts of Florida-grown produce, breads, and mouthwatering prepared foods. It’s your chance to stock up on fresh greens for the week.

Claire Tomlin: “They can come down and listen to live music, be entertained.”

Laura Lamanna: “Yay! Farmers market! It’s a lot of fun here! Yeah, it’s a good time.”

And, when you finish meandering through the farmers market, walk on up and sit down at the beautiful table on the patio where they bring the farmer’s market to you.

Chef Allen Susser of the Arsht’s Café at Books and Books sniffs and feels his way through the market stands, and then choreographs a three-course meal around the stars of the harvest.

Laura Lafata: “I love that they’re going right there, taking the vegetables from the farms and bringing them and putting them right in front of us tonight.”

Chef Allen Susser: “I believe Monday’s a great beginning of the week and so that if you sort of start off with a great meal, inexpensive, it’s only $25 for the meal, which is great.”

The leading dishes can be anything: plates of heirloom tomatoes, stuffed potatoes, even winter squash chili.

Chef Allen Susser: “Really fabulous onions, believe it or not. So we’re doing an onion trio taster: a little onion soup, a little onion marmalade and fried onion rings.”

And this farm-to-table fête is getting rave reviews!

Belkys Nerey: How’s everything taste?”

Laura Lafata: “So far, so good!”

Belkys Nerey: “Chef Allen is a pretty good chef, huh?”

Laura Lafata: “Chef Allen’s rocking it!”

Jeff Lehman: “The farm is right there, and it’s transforming the whole urban setting with the traffic and the music and the market and the food. It’s just wonderful!”

The dinner is held every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. Hurry and make a reservation, because seats fill up quickly.

The Market Company

The Adrienne Arsht Center

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