WSVN — From shampoo to coffee to dog food. If you are looking for a freebie look no further than Facebook.

Sherri Balefsky: "I know you can get a lot of stuff for free on Facebook from different companies."

With millions of people logging on to the social site, companies are clamoring for free advertising, which can mean free stuff for you.

How about a South Beach snack bar or shampoo from Aveda, all for nothing.

Angela Santopinto: "I've just been ignorant in terms of knowing you could get stuff for free."

To score the free stuff, find the home page of your favorite company. Anything from Kraft to Kellogg's to Pampers to Pillsbury. Then just click the like button.

For instance like the home page of the magazine "Dining Out Miami" and you may get a free meal. They're giving out gift certificates to some of the hottest restaurants in town.

Stephanie Wilson: "Restaurants like Mercadito, Piola, Nobu and we have some other great ones coming up soon. We've been giving away about three gift certificates a week to people at random."

Another way to get some sweet swag is to check out "Hey It's Free", "Free Mania" and "Frugal Freebies".

A third way to locate free finds is Google alerts. Just put in the word "Freebies" and you'll get daily lists of the latest offers up for grabs.

In just one week, we scored more than fifty free items off facebook. We got a free recipe book from sun-maid and a year's free subscription to Bloomberg business week, Eucerin lotion, Arm and Hammer toothpaste and even a coupon for a deluxe sample of mascara from Sephora.

Daniel Lee: "I had no idea. I have never tried anything like that, but now that I do now, I'd definitely like to like more things, so I can get free stuff."

We got Nescafe taster's choice coffee, a few Breathe Right nasal strips, free Crest Whitestrips and even a free sinus rinse from Neilmed.

Consumer expert Edgar Dworsky says companies have caught on to the idea that giving something away for free just might mean consumers will come back to buy more.

Edgar Dworsky: "Facebook is hot. Companies want to market to where the buzz is, where the people are, where people will talk about their products that they're selling or giving away."

Angela Santopinto: "If a company is willing to give me a sample or free product, and I like it, 100 percent I'm gonna go back and support them."

But be warned, many companies will require you to fill out surveys and put in personal information, like your birth date and gender. All that info can then land you on unwanted marketing or mailing lists.

Edgar Dworsky: "Be aware you are giving information in return for getting something for nothing."

Sometimes you can opt out of giving your birth date or phone number to better protect your privacy. So stay safe and start reaping the rewards of Facebook





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