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WSVN — Don't you hate it when the alarm clock goes off in the morning? "Sleep Cycle Alarm" makes waking up a little easier.

It monitors your movements, analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you're in the lightest sleep phase so you feel more rested.

Just set the alarm and put your phone in bed with you. The app will monitor your movements and try to wake you up in a light sleep phase within a half hour of your alarm. If you're in a deep sleep phase it will slowly wake you up with soft music and vibrations, which will get louder until it reaches the time you set your alarm.

Once you're up and at your next app will help get you where you need to go. "Tele-Nav GPS" features voice-guided turn-by-turn directions. Just type in where you want to go and TeleNav will get you there, calculating the fastest route and you can keep your eyes on the road because the app tells you were to go.

Real time traffic info helps you avoid backups, and running low on fuel it will even find the cheapest gas.

And finally an app everyone can use. "Tips "is simple tool to tell you how much you should tip your waiter. Just put in the total bill rate, the service and the app tells you what to tip it. It will even help you split the tip if you're with a group. Now that's something you can appsolutely sink your teeth into.

Craig stevens: "Tips is free. Sleep Cycle and TeleNav are 99 cents to download. And there's also a yearly subscription cost for TeleNav.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clockhttp://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sleep-cycle-alarm-clock/id320606217?mt=8