WSVN — Ronald Page, In Police Training: "Put your arms up behind your back for me."

Ronald Page is a 20-year-old who knows what he wants to do.

Ronald Page, In Police Training: "I decided to go to the police academy and then become a police officer."

Becoming an officer will be an achievement for Ronald. It would have been a dream come true for his brother Evan.

Luella Page, Evan's Grandmother: "We went to church together, we did everything together."

Seven years ago, Evan Page was a grandmother's pride and joy raised by Luella, turning out just as she hoped: smart, caring, and on one day very brave.

Detective Rolando De La Osa, Miami-Dade Police: "The robber was able to get away and Evan, as brave as he was, ran after him and tackled him, and they both went to the floor."

Evan was in the drive-thru at this Checkers in Miami Gardens with a friend when the gunman walked up and robbed them. Maybe Evan's desire to be a police officer took over.

Detective Rolando De La Osa, Miami-Dade Police: "A lot of people would say it was brave of him, but this is basically what not to do in a robbery. Too many things can go bad."

And things went bad. Evan, the 17-year-old who wanted to catch crooks for a living, was killed by a crook.

Ronald Page, In Police Training: "Me and my mom went down to Jackson."

Luella's grandson, the one she raised from a newborn after his mother got sick, was gone.

Luella Page, Evan's Grandmother: "It's like every morning I wake up and I think about him, because he was such a good child."

And the gunman who pulled the trigger and killed a young man has gotten away.

Detective Rolando De La Osa, Miami-Dade Police: "He's a light-skinned black male in his teens. We believe he might be left-handed, because the firearm was in his left hand. We don't have much information at all."

Detective Rolando De La Osa is looking for some answers. So is Evan's family.

Ronald Page, In Police Training: "It's like a wound that never heals. Of course the pain isn't as prevalent as it was the first day or that first week or month, but you have your good days and you have your bad days."

Rhonda Page, Evan's Mother: "I didn't know what to think. I was devastated."

Rhonda couldn't be there to raise her son like his grandmother did, but her pain is just as awful.

Rhonda Page, Evan's Mother: "We have to get this murderer off the street, and whoever knows, come foward please. Whoever knows who killed my child, come forward."

At the time of Evan's murder, the killer appeared to be a teenager. Today, he's in his mid-20s.

Detective Rolando De La Osa, Miami-Dade Police: "Very few leads, very few leads. I need the help of the community. This is what I really need. I need somebody to come forward who knows something, who saw something."

Evan wanted to be a police officer. Ronald will be one, hoping to catch crooks, so other people don't have to deal with the pain his family has.

Ronald Page, In Police Training: "I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that no one goes through what I'm going through."

Patrick Fraser: "Maybe right now, Evan's killer is sitting, watching, just like you are. Maybe the killer is thinking, I got away with it. They haven't caught me in seven years, they never will. But you may know something. You can make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers and catch the killer of a teenager who wanted to be a cop."

And if you have lost a loved one, if you want to show people you have not stopped searching for their killer, give us a call, and see how law enforcement is Out for Justice.


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