WSVN — The typical South Beach mind games usually involve strategies to get past the velvet rope at a club, but now there’s a new place offering the chance to play a brain game that’s incredibly fun. 7’s Belkys Nerey takes us on an adventure in tonight’s Style File.

Think you’re smart enough to break out of prison?

Alexander Barnes: “All you need is your brain. You don’t need to be physically strong.”

“Escape the Quest” is a live, interactive game played in a South Beach building where you have to use your noggin and teamwork to bust out!

Irina Kim: “It’s kinda creepy in there.”

For this brain game, players are cuffed and then thrown into separate prison cells. Once the doors lock behind you, you must work together, even from opposite rooms, to find clues and decipher puzzles that are the key to your freedom.

Alexander Barnes: “There may be writing on the walls, there may be clues underneath objects.”

Bonnie Leung: “So far, we haven’t figured much out. It’s a little bit harder than it seems.”

If you get stuck, there’s a “Help” button inside the cell and the game’s host will give you a clue over the speaker system.

So just how hard is it to escape?

Alexander Barnes: “Only 20 percent make it out.”

These players were some of the lucky few who’ve made it out with just seconds to spare. Could you?

Jimmy Mintz: “There were a lot of red herrings. A lot of times that we thought a clue went to one part of the room, but it went to something else entirely.”

Irina Kim: “We all did, all together. It was teamwork.”

Prices start at $60 per group. The company is planning to expand its games to include a mental hospital and others.

Escape The Quest
1234 Washington Ave. Suite 200
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(786) 218-8632

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