(WSVN) — You are looking at a re-enactment that could save your child’s life.
The safety experts from ‘Elite Youth Programs’ are teaching kids how to escape from a vehicle if someone tries to abduct them.

“Eyes open!”

Steve Becerra instructs them to keep their eyes open and brains on, to always be aware of their surroundings.

Elite Youth Programs Steve Becerra: “Find an escape route, go to it, and if not, we do our best to extricate yourself from that bad situation.”

Steve plays the ‘bad guy’ and runs through a series of drills.

Steve Becerra: “Hey girls can I give you a lift? Help help!”

He teaches the kids that if a car pulls up to them, run in the opposite direction and yell ‘help’ at the top of their lungs.

Steve Becerra: “C’mon get in, don’t talk, don’t scream, get inside!”

If thrown into the backseat and the car isn’t moving too quickly, find something to blind the driver and disable him.

And if thrown into the trunk, Steve teaches them to use the escape latch to get out or kick and scream to draw attention.

Elite Youth Programs Adam Lipkin: “We’re out to empower children and really to help parents prepare kids for anything.”

Kara has her five-year-old daughter Dani in the program. She says it’s a little scary watching these fake abduction unfold, but knows it’s a life skill she needs.

Kara Hoffner: “My heart does skip a beat but as soon as she escapes I’m like, ‘You go, girl!'”

And Dani knows how to fight back!.

Dani Hoffner: “The knee strike, the palm strike, the double palm strike.”

Five-year-old Skylar is also learning self-defense moves. His mom says the program is building his self-confidence.

Savannah Varner: “It does make me feel very secure that Skylar is learning the skills he would need if he were put in that situation.”

It’s a frightening thought for any parent but learning these life-saving skills can be a true life-saver out in the real world.

Adam Lipkin: “So we’re going to make them feel physically safe and that empowers them in every area of their life.”

This program is part of a summer camp at Broward Community Charter Schools.

But the Elite Youth Programs are offered year round.


Elite Youth Programs:
Tel: (954) 606-0711

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