Ladies, leather and lace will leave you looking hot during the holidays. Guys, throw-on a cool over-coat for a dashing, yet distinguished look. And the greatest gift of all? Besides the 500 million dollar powerball i didn't't win? Is giving a gift you'd actually want to get. Tis' the season to look totally terrific. Sheldon: " It's made for a figure." Shireen: "You can eat?"Sheldon: "You can eat."That's why Deco lunch'd.Rosy: "The color is delicious."Shireen: "Its very holiday-y"Rosy: "But the sleeves are still very much for Miami."And lounge'd with the elegant elves at Elie Tahari, Bal Harbour. Sheldon: "It's one of my favorite dresses of the holiday season" Shireen: "Can I wear it to publix? Is that okay? is it too much for publix?" Sheldon: "This is It was fashion, fun & fund raising: For a good cause Camillus' House.Maria Peralta: "Camillus House has been part of the community for 50 years and really helping the poor and the homeless population."What's hot, hot, hot for the ho, ho holidays?Sheldon: "You'll see some leather dresses, metallic pieces, furs."Ladies, shine brighter than a Christmas tree in red leather: Or twinkle like a star in pink lace. SHELDON MATHIS: "We also have wonderful accessories and handbags, shoes"Sheldon, you had me at shoes louis, never fear, Hanukkah harry is almost here (hope he dozen't skip your house, just saying).  Shireen: "Every time Lynn and I run a fashion story, Louis is like uhhhhhh, i don't wanna see more women clothing.. you guys actually have a good line for guys." SHELDON MATHIS: "Elie Tahari guys is one of the best undiscovered secrets, it has a fabulous MENS collection."Guys it's easy to get gussied up: From cool coats, skinny jeans, to structured shirts: It'll hurt to miss you, under the mistletoe. SHELDON MATHIS: "It's a full on men's collection, that I think any man would be able to fit into their wardrobe."ROSY CORDERO: "What have you seen that you love?" You take me to a store that's like Elie Tahari and I love everything, the shoes, the accessories, the dresses."Remember, stuff *his or her stocking* like you mean it: No extra space people! (Santa taught me that). Shireen: "What do you suggest for the holidays?" SHELDON MATHIS: "We have so many beautiful things. we have wonderful cashmere scarves and the fur pieces have been really successful."As Santa drove out of sight,  he said blah, blah, blah and better look fabulous this holiday season, or you'll give me a fright!   

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