Edward Pieron

WSVN — Edward Pieron was an only child so of course you know what that can sometimes mean.

Pamela Bailey: "I suspect as older parents have only children they might spoil them a little."

Edward grew up outside Los Angeles, adored by his parents, loved by his friends and a fun happy kid.

Pamela Bailey: "He was enthusiastic, full of life. He could always be counted on to come up with something."

He was born on July 4, he died 21 years later on July 4.

Michael Scott: "On Saturday, July 5th, 2008 we were notified that the victim Edward Pieron was discovered deceased inside his residence located at 8001 SW 62nd Place."

Pamela found out he had been murdered from her ex-husband.

Pamela Bailey: "His dad kept calling me and left me all these messages saying there was an emergency I had to come over to his house and he's there crying and he says Eddie's gone."

Edward was a student at the University of Miami and was found dead inside the South Miami home he shared with some roommates who were out of town when he was murdered.

Michael Scott: "When we arrived at the scene and entered the residence and we observed several bloody shoe immpressions throughout the tile floor of the residence, we believe that is from the suspect. We are able to trace it back to a size 10 Puma.

The suspect was wearing a size 10 Voltaic Puma that may have looked like this.

Pamela Bailey: "There was some sort of a struggle and then he was knifed in the neck and he bled to death, that's what I know."

As detectives did their work, they discovered Eddie had a BBQ the day before his death to celebrate his birthday, dozens of his friends showed up.

The next day, this videotape shows him at a CVS drugstore and 90 minutes later he would be found dead.

Clues have turned up, but no motives.

Michael Scott: "From what we've heard he was such a nice individual. We don't know why somebody would want to kill him."

A killer took Eddies life and in a way took his fathers life.

Pamela Bailey: "His dad who just passed away in Jan. just never recovered from it. He went into a deep depression and it was horrendous."

Eddie dead, his family destroyed.

Pamela Bailey: "You know you devastated hundreds of kids who were his friends. You know you left this big hole in people's lives and you know what for? Whatever ridiculous thing it was if it was money if it was you were angry at him it wasn't worth it."

Patrick Fraser: "Who killed Edward inside this house? Police have some clues, the bloody size 10 shoeprint, other things they cant release yet, and detectives are convinced that in that large circle of friends that Edward had someone knows something they may think is not important. Something little, but combined with what the detectives already know it might be enough to point to a killer."

Michael Scott: "We want to close this case for the family as well as Eddies friends. We will solve this case."

Hopefully they will nab a killer. He took Eddies life but he cant destroy the pictures and mementos from his life and cant take Pamelas memories of her son's short life.

Michael Scott: "Just those moment when I remember this goofy kid with the big smile, just thinking about the man he could have become and the contribution he might have made you, know that's really hard."

If you know something about Edward Pieron even if its something you think is very small. Something about a friend or acquaintance can give Miami-Dade crimestoppers a call get a killer off the street and collect a reward, and if you have lost a loved one, if you want to remind people you are still Out for Justice.


Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers: 305-471-TIPS (8477)Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) in Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward