WSVN — If you've got a budding scientist in the house, "Molecules" brings science to life in three dimensions with a touch of a finger. Kids can manipulate a caffeine molecule or zoom in and rotate DNA.

The app has all kinds of scientific information about each molecule so your student can go to the head of the class.

Learning is easier with flash cards, but who needs paper? "Flash Card Maker Pro" lets kids create their own flash cards on the phone. Tap to read a question then tap again for the answer.

Bailey Parker, Student: "I can just study whenever I have time like when I'm in the car, unlike if I have flash cards cause they're pretty bulky and I don't like carrying them around."

From multiplication tables to spelling words, it's great for kids of all ages to study on the go and get smart.

And finally, an app to liven up "History American History Funblast Trivia" makes learning about the past a blast.

From the old west to modern presidents and politics. You answer trivia questions, play with one two or a team

Special effects and several game modes guaranteed to keep kids app-sorbed for hours on end.



Flash Card Maker Pro*Android

American History Funblast Trivia*iPhone

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