It’s the little things in life that can make a difference, and we have apps to make your life a little easier to handle.

Say goodbye to collection companies, telemarketers and even unwanted calls from that guy at the bar.

WSVN — Mr. Number allows you to block any text message or caller. With reverse lookup, you can identify who is sending you spam messages or calls.

You can choose to save the messages, so you can read them or just send them to the trash right away.

If you have tons of pictures on your phone and don’t have a backup system in place, Onedrive can simplify things for you. Automatically upload photos and videos to Onedrive as a backup.

You can also upload documents and access your uploads from any desktop or phone.

Create folders for your pictures and links for the folders, so it’s easier to share with family and friends.

If you find yourself needing to measure things form time to time, I-ruler allows you to measure things with with your phone. Turn your phone into a ruler by simply placing your finger on the screen.

Slide your phone and repeat until you reach the end. Stop guessing and get the appropriate measurements.






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