Dwayne Johnson – “The Hero”

If you're like us — you love everything related to "The Rock" so we got really excited when we heard Dwayne Johnson has a new show even if Lynn and Louis weren't invited to participate.

Rock: "But here's the thing with Lynn and Louis, they're my favorite. They're my favorite hosts."

You know Dwayne, you and I have had some great moments together too.

Rock: "And of course Shireen too as well, I always love seeing her."

Thats better.

Rock: " give them a pass because its Ok cuz Lynn, Louis, Rock, Shireen, its all family."

Uhh, well we're not quite sure I could jump from a burning building or anything not in my 9 inch stilettos.

Dwayne's new show is called "The Hero" — a competition putting contestants to the test physically, mentally, and emotionally and if you think Dwayne's just making an appearance think again.

DWAYNE JOHNSON: I didn't want to be there just for certain segments, I wanted to be there throughout the entire show to watch the contestants overcome their fears, and really do heroic things and create these epic moments and I was there when they succeeded and I was there when they failed and I was also there when they got their ass kicked."

Oh Rock — you kinda sound like us heat fans. We've been there for the victories and the defeats. Notice how I just turned this around into a heat story? Don't judge me, I'm a fan.

DWAYNE JOHNSON: "Miami is my home and its a very special city to me so and we at times can be very passionate, we can be fickle, but at the end of the day we still support."

Thankfully the Rock doesn't mind talking about our team. He follows their every move.

DWAYNE JOHNSON: "Am I following the Miami heat, of course I'm following the Miami heat. Yea they're my family."

And he's confident they're ready to face the Spurs.

DWAYNE JOHNSON: "They know exactly what they're doing, they've been there before, they know what they need to do to get the job done so, I serve as support."

Dwayne knows how to get the job done too — every time. Must be a Miami thing.