We’ve all done it. Ran into a drug store for one thing and walked out with a lot of expensive impulse buys. In tonight’s Money Monday, Lynn Martinez explains some of the good and bad buys at the drugstore.

Vanessa Dunson: “I’ll usually go to buy medicine or like a cough drop, something very simple and I walk out with a ton of stuff.”

Like many of us, Vanessa always seems to walk out of the drugstore with a shopping cart full of stuff that she may or may not need.

Vanessa Dunson: “I’ll grab a couple of other things that I didn’t mean to go for.”

But it’s so easy to grab a few extras. And those extra’s can cost you. Cleaning products can cost $1 more than you would pay at the grocery store. But a good buy cosmetics…

Vanessa Dunson: “Cosmetics are sometimes they’ll have a better deal than they will have at the supermarket.”

If you have to have a name brand, check for sales most go on sale on a regular basis.

Vanessa Dunson: “There are certain drugstores that do offer special savings.”

But if you really want to save, experts say try the drugstore beauty brands. They cost less and are usually marked down on a regular basis. Another great drugstore buy, milk and eggs tend to cost about $1 less than grocery stores.

Vanessa Dunson: “I do buy milk there often. Not because I intentionally do it. It’s because I ran out and Publix or Target are closed. So, I’ll run to the drugstore.”

But watch yourself on those tempting store displays.

Vanessa Dunson: “There is a lot of impulse buying.”

Most drugstores put impulse buys especially batteries by the counter for easy access. Always sign up for drugstore loyalty programs to get discounts on items that you already buy.

Vanessa Dunson: “It’s easy because you can just add it to your keychain.”

Watch the drugstore sale papers you can find great savings and special promotions each week.



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