WSVN — You can’t text and drive but there are some apps that can make driving safer. Craig Stevens has today’s appsolute must-have downloads.

Every parent worries when their teen driver gets behind the wheel, but Canary allows it’s parents to track their teens driving habits. You can set distances for how far your teen can driver from home. The app also allows you to set speed limits and a curfew with your teen.

If your child violates, you get notified through text message. The app also informs you when your teen is on the phone while driving.

And if just can’t keep your hands off the phone while on the road, Safely Go is an app that helps you keep your eyes and hands where they should be. The app turns off all unrelated driving apps so you can concentrate while driving.

The app will reply to incoming text and screen important calls by accepting calls only from your VIP contact list. Leaving you driving appsolutely safe.

Craig Stevens, 7News.

All of today’s apps are free to download.



Safely Go

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